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A senior carer is someone who lives with you in your home and who can assist you with household chores in return for room, board and a sometimes a small stipend depending on the amount of work required of them.  Our senior carers are an affordable option to help you maintain independance in your own home for longer whilst also providing companionship.

​​​​​​​In essence, a senior carer is an extra pair of hands to help seniors in everyday tasks and ensure their safety and well-being. 


The typical duties of a senior carer can include:​

  • Buying groceries and preparing meals

  • Driving you to any necessary appointments or activities as needed

  • Assisting with household chores including cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, ironing and cooking

  • Helping in light home maintenance activities such as mowing the lawn or putting the bin out

Au Pair Me Up's senior carers all have a First Aid Certificate and have been carefully screened. Please note, however, that our candidates are lifestyle helpers, not qualified nurses, and that if you require greater personal care or attention then you should look into alternative forms of care. 

The hours that you require your senior carer to work are entirely up to you, provided, of course, that it is not excessive or unreasonable (say above 45 hours per week).  In most cases, though, the hours required of most senior carers doesn't normally exceed 20 hours per week. Many senior carers maintain another job, and fit in their senior carer duties around their other working hours.  This depends on the level of care needed.  Whatever your needs, just let Au Pair Me Up know at the beginning of the process so we can ensure that we are matching you with the most suitable candidates.

There is no standard wage for a senior carer as this is up for negotiation between the senior carer and the family.  The average weekly cost of having a senior carer varies according to your needs.  If you only need the senior carer to work minimal hours, enabling them to either study or work in another job, they may not require any extra pay besides the food and board.  We are happy to advise you on the likely cost that you should expect to pay for your given circumstances.  For seniors that need a great deal of assistance, it is possible to arrange the carer's pension to help subsidise the cost.  This depends on a number of factors.  Please call us on 1300 300 170 if you would like more information.  

We can arrange a senior carer for you in as little as one month. If you let us know your requirements we will find you the three best candidates who are suited to your needs and present them to you for an interview. It is then up to you to choose who you like best. We screen all our candidates with a psychometric test and by checking their references and requiring them to obtain a police check and First Aid Certificate. We require all senior carers that we place to give a minimum notice period of two weeks to assist with the transition. This is usually more than sufficient time for Au Pair Me Up to source you the next senior carer.  To get started just call 1300 300 170 and fill in the free registration form.

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