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The first couple of years in a baby's life can be extremely exhausting for parents, with many disturbed nights.  The extreme sleep deprivation over time can heavily impact a parent's ability to function during the day.  A night nanny or night au pair can assist you during this period by tending to your baby while you sleep.  How the night nanny / night au pair operates will depend on your feeding arrangements and preferences.  They can bottle feed and settle your baby through the night.  Alternatively, they can attach the baby to mum's breast as she sleeps, then sit there and wait until baby is done (making sure baby is safe), before placing the baby back in the cot.

​​​​​​​In essence, a night nanny or night au pair is employed to specifically assist you with the baby through the night to allow you to sleep. 


The typical duties of a night nanny or night au pair can include:​

  • Helping establish a night routine for the baby that may include bathing them, singing to them or reading to them

  • Holding and rocking the baby to sleep

  • Placing them in their bassinet / cot

  • Making sure they are safe from sleeping obstructions such as pillows or toys

  • Sitting near them as they sleep to keep an eye on them, to monitor their breathing through the night and respond immediately if they cry

  • Feeding the baby through the night by preparing a bottle according to the parents' preferences

  • Bringing the baby to the mother during the night and attaching them to her breast, then waiting until the baby has finished suckling and taking them back to their cot.

Having a night au pair or night nanny can alleviate some of the greatest pressure that comes with being a parent to a young baby.  Some families and friends of new parents sometimes pay towards the cost of a night nanny / au pair in the early days of bringing home a baby, knowing that a good night's sleep can be invaluable in those early days.

The beauty of having a night nanny / night au pair is that you can direct them to care for your children in whatever way you prefer with regards to your values, routines and the needs of your children.​  Not all families require all of the duties required above.  It is important that you make your expectations clear to us at Au Pair Me Up so that we can present the right candidates to you.

The hours that you require your night nanny / night au pair to work are entirely up to you, provided, of course, that it is not excessive or unreasonable (say above 45 hours per week).  It is ok to require flexibility from your night nanny / night au pair depending on your requirements, but this must be stipulated to them as an expectation during the interview process.  Remember, of course, that working through the night is exhausting, so make every endeavour to ensure your night nanny / night au pair gets a full and peaceful sleep after each shift.   ​

Night nannies live at their own premises and come to your home at the allotted time.  They are generally paid on an hourly basis.  By contrast, night au pairs live in your home and receive free food and board in addition to a weekly wage.  Having a night au pair may allow you a little more flexibility depending on your needs and how the baby fares through the night, however you'll have to make sure the night au pair is given their own quiet dark bedroom through the day where they can fully recharge for the next night.

There is no standard wage for a night nanny / night au pair as this is up for negotiation between the carer and the family. The average weekly cost of having a night nanny or night au pair varies according to your needs.  As you would expect, though, the rates are slightly higher than for traditional hours due to the physical demands of the job.  Night nannies are typically paid on an hourly basis, whereas night au pairs would expect to be paid a fixed wage per week along with free food and board.  We are happy to advise you on the likely cost that you should expect to pay for your given circumstances.  Our agency fee costs $550.

We will present you with the appropriate candidates depending on what you specify as the required employment period. There is no minimum or maximum period.  If you desperately need to catch up on sleep for even just a night or two, we are happy to provide help on an hourly rate.

We can arrange a night nanny / night au pair for you in as little as one week. If you let us know your requirements we will find you the three best candidates who are suited to your needs and present them to you for an interview. It is then up to you to choose who you like best. We screen all our candidates with a psychometric test and by checking their references and requiring them to obtain a Blue Card and First Aid Certificate. We also test all candidates with an on-line childcare quiz to ensure they are equipped for the essentials of child development and care. To get started just call 1300 300 170 or fill in the free registration form.

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