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Back-to-School Childcare Options

It's nearly back-to-school time again. With working hours often incompatible with school hours, this often creates a dilemma for parents trying to determine how to transport their children to and from school, and then look after their kids in the overlapping hours. After school activities often have to be sacrificed. I remember feeling guilty that my circumstances prevented my children from accessing the wide range of activities that their friends could enjoy. My life became so much easier when I realised there are childcare alternatives that can fill all of these needs without being overly expensive.

Here are some of the best options we can help you with if you're experiencing the same dilemma:

Nanny - A nanny can come to your place at the pre-arranged times, then take your children to/from school and to/from after school activities and then look after them until you get home. They are usually paid on an hourly basis for between $22 and $35 per hour depending on their experience. If arranged beforehand, it is possible to ask your nanny to assist with homework and a small amount of house duties or cooking if required.

Au Pair - A live-in au pair can perform the same functions as a nanny, however the fact that they live with you can also provide you with a bit more flexibility if you need to work early or late or on unexpected days. Most au pairs are given free food and board and are given pocket money of between $250 to $450 per week depending on how many hours you require of them.

Demi Pair - A demi-pair is essentially a part-time au pair. Many demi-pairs are students or have second jobs, meaning they may have less flexibility than au pairs. A demi-pair may cost between $0 to $200 per week depending on the hours your require, plus free food and board.

Now is an ideal time to start arranging your back-to-school options. Nanny agents at this time of the year often struggle to cope with the sudden influx of demand. Whilst we can usually find you candidates within just one or two weeks, it helps if you can give us as much notice as possible!

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